6 Landscaping Tips for Your Luxury Home

6 Landscaping Tips for Your Luxury Home

  • Sophia Perry
  • 04/27/22

6 Landscaping Tips for Your Luxury Home

If you have a luxury home, you need to have a landscape that matches its beauty. Also, having outdoor features that increase your home's beauty can increase its functionality and value if you decide to sell and move out. And because summer is approaching, it might be time to also think about how you will entertain your guests outdoors. Therefore, we came up with six landscaping tips for your luxury home that you can use to update your landscape this year. You can use these tips to make the exterior of your home practical, welcoming, and, most of all, gorgeous. So without further ado, let us see how you can transform your yard and make it match your luxurious home. 

  • Emphasize accessibility

There is no point in having a beautiful yard or entrance to your home if they are hard to reach. If you ever plan to sell your luxury home in the future, potential buyers will have to be able to walk around freely on the property. And, even if they might appreciate the beauty of your home, if your outdoor space is unreachable, it can be a deal-breaker. As a result, among the luxury home improvements you can make to your landscape, accessibility should be a top concern. 

First, make sure that the walkways and paths of your outdoor space are visible and walkable. You should have free access from the street to your front door and from the back of your house to the yard. Of course, you can take it a step further and create walkways that connect more different outdoor locations. For example, you can make a pathway from the driveway to the house or the yard. Then, trim the grass alongside the walkways and highlight them by planting shrubs or flowers. In addition, use solar pathway lamps to make the walkways visible at night. These lamps are not just practical, but they also add to the beauty of your outdoor space at night.


  • Think big

A large boulder or rock formation is a luxury feature that you can see over many yards. You can also use such a feature to improve the look of an otherwise monotonous yard. If your yard only has grass, grass, and more grass, a large boulder can become the focal point and distract attention from the dullness. However, you can’t just drop a rock in the middle of the yard and expect it to work wonders. You need to find the best spot to place it and make it fit into the scene by matching it to the rest of the stonework. For instance, if you used limestone for the walkway, choose a boulder that matches it. In addition, you can use moss and lichen to make it look like it was there from the beginning. Alternatively, you can enhance its look by planting succulents on and around it.

  • Make your outdoor space a water oasis

Using a water feature is one of the best landscaping tips for your luxury home. Water can help you create a more beautiful and peaceful garden or yard. It has calming effects through its sounds and movement, and it captures and reflects light, making everything look brighter. In addition, if you install a fountain, you can have shining rainbows in your yard on sunny days. Moreover, if you enjoy practicing yoga or meditation, doing so near a fountain can help you relax more efficiently.

At the same time, you can have a pond or a waterfall installed or built from stone. Just ensure the pond does not present a risk and surround it with a fence. Also, if you want to grow fish in the pond, it should be at least 28 inches deep so that the fish can survive the winter.

  • Furnish your outdoor space 

If you have a porch, patio, or deck, you should use them to your advantage and create functional or leisure spaces on them. You can also have different functions for them depending on the season. During the summer, you can make an outdoor kitchen on your deck. Set up a table and seats, and you can enjoy great barbeques with family and friends. In the winter, you can replace the furnishings with cozier ones and place a fire pit in the middle of the deck. That way, you can enjoy a cup of hot cocoa by the fire, even on colder days. 

If you don’t have a deck or patio in your backyard, you can build a pergola. Pergolas are not only a nice place to relax outside, but they can also improve the look of your yard and increase the value of a property. Cover the pergola in vines, use hanging lights, and accommodate a cozy sitting area, and you will have the best spot for socializing with your favorite people.

However, when each season ends, and you need to change the outdoor furniture, don’t do the moving by yourself. You can get help with bulky items by hiring a moving company that can do the hard work for you. Professional movers can pick up your furniture and transfer it to any other location you choose or to a storage unit. They will keep you and your items safe during the relocation if you decide to sell your home, and you can count on them each time you need to transfer your furniture.

  • Use lots of light

Light can help you create a certain mood or control the ambiance of your outdoor space. You can also use light to draw attention to a feature in your backyard, such as a pool, or to add color. Not to mention that lights can help walk safely from one area to another, as we previously mentioned. 

LEDs, incandescent lights, solar lamps, hanging lights, or anything else that matches the scene are all good options. You can even use fairy lights on wooden poles or candles on stairs and tables. Using light will completely transform the atmosphere from the daytime to create a warm and inviting ambiance during the nighttime.

  • Think of practicality

Maintaining a beautiful outdoor space should never be a challenge. That is why we chose to close the list of landscaping tips for your luxury home with practicality. Low-maintenance features should be your top priority when deciding what to put in your yard. For example, consider low-maintenance plants for your garden and add an irrigation system. You can choose a modern irrigation system that can help avoid water waste and increase the value of your home. In addition, to also save water, you can install low-maintenance turf in your yard that will withstand heat and dry soil. Potential buyers will appreciate your efforts to make the yard practical and easy to maintain when you decide to sell the property. Sustainability is and will always be one of the hottest luxury home design trends

Final words

Using these landscaping tips for your luxury home might take some planning and work, but they will be worthwhile. And, even if you think that you are making too big of an investment, you should think again. When you decide to sell the property, you have a good chance not just to recover the money you put into it but even a bit more.


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