The Biggest Pros of Living in West Hollywood

The Biggest Pros of Living in West Hollywood

  • 01/9/23

The Biggest Pros of Living in West Hollywood

If there were ever a city where people could pursue their happiness the way they like, it would be West Hollywood. It was once a section of Los Angeles County, but in 1984, thanks to a diverse group that included  LGBT activists, renters, and the elderly, it received city status. Today, it is an entertainment center in California and one of the must-see places of millions of people – literally! So what’s the secret? Why are families, singles, couples, the young and the old, the gay and the straight flocking to this city in particular? Although everyone has their reasons, here are the biggest pros of living in West Hollywood that might answer that question. 

Costs of Living are lower than the national average

When deciding whether some area is suitable for you to live there, there are several factors to consider. Living costs in that area are essential in making this big decision. Living costs in West Hollywood are lower than the national average, which is a big advantage of living there. Not everyone has unlimited funds. So the fact that housing costs, health care, expenses related to transportation and paying utilities, and grocery items are lower is a big plus. 

The quality of education in West Hollywood is high

The high-quality education system is among the biggest pros of living in West Hollywood. The government and the community are putting a lot of effort and investing substantial amounts into this sphere of life in West Hollywood. As a result, some highly qualified teachers are paid well there and promote critical thinking skills. The curriculums in these schools include both scientific subjects and the more artful ones giving everyone a chance to develop their talents. 

All this is an excellent reason for the families to relocate to West Hollywood. The modern approaches to the school system ensure that children easily adjust to the new situation, making the process less stressful. As for the parents, they always have the option of hiring movers to get them to relocate to West Hollywood. If one chooses to settle down with expert help, the transition can be exciting instead of a nightmare. So if the stress of it was preventing you from choosing to move to West Hollywood, you could finally take that step. As you can see, that element of relocation can be entirely eradicated. 

Shopping is a real joy here

Shopping in this city is so much more than buying pieces of clothing. Because of the rich and famous who often tread the streets of WeHo, there’s a vast selection of everything in numerous shops. But even if you are not the proud owner of a seven-figure amount, WeHo has your back. The offer of 10$ shirts is as ample as the offer of the shirts that cost 100$.  Therefore, whatever your taste in clothes and other products you like to shop for as well as your budget for this activity, you will be satisfied. 

Caption: Shopping in West Hollywood can be described as a diverse experience that offers something for everyone.

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One of the biggest pros of living in West Hollywood is the exquisite dining scene

As mentioned, West Hollywood is a pro in providing entertainment of all types. In fact, like every celebrity hosting location should, it turns the normal into the extraordinary. Hence, regular dining becomes an exciting journey for the senses. In West Hollywood, just like in LA, you have the opportunity to eat in one of the Michelin stared restaurants. Here are a few fantastic places to start from:

    • Ardor. This place will envelop you deep into its perfectly imagined world, making you forget about your own for a second. Its interior is ultra-chic, and its food is indescribably good—no wonder the A-listers are the dominating crowd that comes there. 
  • Sushi Ginza Onodera. The adjective high-quality is inadequate to describe the food served in this Japanese restaurant. Every aspect you can think of that adds to the health and quality of dishes is being taken into account here. If you are uncompromising about eating, this is a place for you.
  • Connie & Ted’s. For an excellent seafood menu, go to Connie & Ted’s. Are you not sure what to order? You can’t go wrong with the lobster roll and the oak-grilled fish. All this place serves is excellent, so you’ll probably love whatever you order.

There’s a constant supply of entertainment that never gets old 

Speaking of entertainment, that makes this area stand out the most. The nightlife scene is more than satisfying, given that some of the most amazing bars and clubs are here. If you like spotting famous people, it will be enough to walk down some of the more famous streets and bump into a star. That is because many of them own or used to own homes in West Hollywood. These include Patrick Schwarzenegger, Johnny Depp, Kylie Minogue, and Chris Brown, to name a few. Of course, there are other things to do besides going out and looking for celebrities. That includes playing golf at one of the many excellent golf courses in the area, visiting museums, seeing movies in theaters, and much more – the list is long. Simply speaking, the inhabitants of West Hollywood are never bored. 

Caption: West Hollywood offers an impressive selection of high-quality nightlife options. 

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Bottom line

After analyzing some of the biggest pros of living in West Hollywood mentioned above, one must conclude one thing. This city has an excellent potential to make everyone fall in love with it and decide never to leave. It offers its residents the best of the best without putting too much pressure on their spending habits. The excitement is guaranteed for everyone who decides to live in this place, and so are the comforts specific to the playgrounds for the rich and famous, which this city certainly is. Moving there can easily convert your life into a fascinating story you will be happy to be a part of.



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