Top Locations for Luxury Homes in the US

Top Locations for Luxury Homes in the US

  • 11/22/22

Top Locations for Luxury Homes in the US

Finding the perfect luxury home can be tough with so many great, different choices, both for real estate and location. From California to New York, the options seem to be endless. However, we’ve narrowed your choices to some of the best locations the US has to offer. No matter if you love relaxing in nature or looking to find a luxurious place to advance in your career, you can find the right place for you. Let’s see some of the top locations for luxury homes in the US and what makes them different from others. 

Malibu, California

This small but famous California location has a wide range of beach-side homes you can choose from. This town is a lot quieter than nearby Los Angeles. So, Malibu might be a perfect choice if you are looking for a luxurious home in a peaceful location. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches every day, thus living every day like you are on summer vacation. When moving into your new luxury home, it’s essential to have the right assistance. Hiring residential movers to locate your things in your new home will give you peace of mind, knowing all your items are safely transported. You can focus on planning activities to enjoy once your California move finishes. 

Manhattan, New York

The truth is, there is no shortage of luxury apartments for sale in Manhattan. This prestigious location can offer you so much, from great business opportunities to fun nightlife. By purchasing a home in Manhattan, you aren’t just buying a luxurious piece of real estate, but you’ll also be purchasing a lavish lifestyle. You can grab a bite to eat in some of the best restaurants New York City offers and go shopping in one of the many high-end shops. All in all, you can never go wrong with buying real estate in Manhattan. 

Miami is one of the most popular locations for luxury homes in the US

Luxury homes are easy to find in Miami. However, the luxurious life in Miami, Florida, goes beyond real estate. When you relocate to Miami, you get to experience the lifestyle of the richest. From spending your time on yachts to shopping for expensive jewelry, there is an abundance of things you can do in Miami. This US city is one you can never go wrong with. 

New Haven, Connecticut

The largest city in Connecticut is also the nicest one to buy real estate. That can be a great place to buy luxury real estate, whether you are looking for an excellent place to work or retire. Although there are many luxurious homes for sale here, living costs are still affordable. Another pro is that if you buy real estate in the center of New Haven, you can walk just about anywhere you want. 

Beverly Hills, California

This glamorous California location is the most famous Los Angeles suburban neighborhood. But don’t let the small population fool you. This location is very desirable, and homes can cost a lot. That is all due to the reputation that Beverly Hills has. Not only is it one of the most famous US locations for filming movies and shows, but it is also famous for its residents. A lot of famous and rich people chose Beverly Hills as their home. Soon enough, you can become one of their neighbors, too.

Hollywood Hills, California

Another high-end California location you must’ve heard of is Hollywood Hills. When moving in California, experts from Mod Movers California advise you to thoroughly plan your moving process. You won’t risk surprises and can move into your new Hollywood Hills home stress-free. This Los Angeles neighborhood is just as famous as Beverly Hills because it is near the sets of some of the world’s best and most popular movies. This industry makes this one of the unique neighborhoods in any US city. Best of all, it has more options for luxury real estate than most famous US cities. So, when looking for a home in Hollywood Hills, you will find something you love.  

Hollywood Hills is one of the best California locations for luxury homes in the US

Austin is an excellent choice for buying luxury homes

You’d be surprised to know how many luxurious homes are for sale in Austin. This fantastic Texas city is perfect for people of all ages and lifestyles. Austin is the hub for the art and music community. If you enjoy living in a historic town and spending evenings visiting galleries, this is the right location for your luxury home. 

Washington DC

Here, you will get the chance to expand your career while living in a luxurious home. With so many business opportunities and friendly people, it’s no wonder many people chose to call this city their new home. In Washington, DC, many successful people are living luxurious life. This densely populated city has a long list of places you can go out to on any day of the week. You’ll never run out of restaurants or nightclubs to visit. 

Boston, Massachusetts 

Luxury, historic real estate is easy to find in this great US location. It is considered one of the best places not just for luxury real estate but also one of the best places to live and retire. This place has a rich history and endless fantastic restaurants to try out. As with most luxury locations, the cost of living is expensive in Boston. However, as soon as you spend some time here, you’ll see that the lifestyle that comes with its luxury real estate is definitely worth the heavy price

Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are looking for a charming home that entertains, we suggest looking at Las Vegas, Nevada. You can experience the fantastic nightlife and a great food scene right here. This famous US city will provide you with a wide range of choices for real estate. Even if you prefer spending time outdoors, Las Vegas will have you covered, as it offers plenty of outdoor sports and activities. 

Luxury homes in the US can be found mostly in California 

Final thoughts

We can see a good location for luxury homes in the US for every lifestyle. Whether you like spending your days at the beach or walking through the busy streets of Manhattan, you will definitely find a new, amazing place to call home. When searching for real estate in these cities, you’ll quickly find many beautiful and luxurious places to buy a new apartment or house. 



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