Tips for avoiding deal-killing mistakes when staging your luxury home

Tips for avoiding deal-killing mistakes when staging your luxury home

  • Sophia Perry
  • 01/6/22

Tips for avoiding deal-killing mistakes when staging your luxury home

Home staging is a powerful and essential part of the luxury home selling process. It is what makes these properties pop, differentiates them from the rest on the market. However, LA buyers have a distinct taste, thus making staging errors a common occurrence. In certain cases, they may even be so distracting that a potential buyer gets completely deterred by them. With that said, avoiding deal-killing mistakes when staging your luxury home is an absolute must. Should you wish to sell the property for top dollar, that is.

Deal-killing mistakes when staging your luxury home: What are the common ones and how to prevent them?

A growing number of LA residents think of luxury homes as sound investments. With absolute reason! The truth is, there's little risk to buying one and countless advantages, including tax breaks and fantastic rental potential. That generally suggests you shouldn't have a hard time selling your luxury property. And in a way, that's true. However, as the goal should be to get the most out of the sale, there's no way you won't benefit from knowing what the common home staging mistakes are and how you can avoid them.

Tip: The chances of finding a buyer for your luxury property will increase, provided you acquire knowledge concerning the proper ways to stage.

Empty space

While professionals at recommend you get on top of your packing and moving game early on, that doesn't mean the property should be completely cleared out for the showings. In fact, the empty space could even ruin your chances of selling, as it makes it easier for interested parties to spot flaws the house may have. A few pieces of furniture here and there help hide those flaws, or at least, not make them as visible. Furthermore, they represent a sort of reference point that allows buyers to grasp the size of the house, as well as picture how their own furniture may fit inside of it.

Bold walls

Neutrals are your best bet when staging a home. Why? Well, because not everyone has the same taste. The bold wallpaper that you thought complemented the room well might not find its way to the heart of visitors. On the other hand, neutral walls are widely accepted by everyone because you can combine them with virtually all types of furniture and artwork. They are easier to paint over as well, which could prove rather convenient in case the next owner decides to give the house a complete makeover.

The lack of decluttering

Potential buyers don't want to be reminded of the fact that the house used to (and still does) belong to another person. Personal items, such as family photos, toothbrushes, and toiletries, contribute to them feeling like ''strangers'' in somebody else's home. These should, preferably, be removed from the premises before the visitors' arrival, as a way to make them feel welcome.

However, it isn't only memorabilia that should seek refuge elsewhere. It's all the same with various home appliances and excess furniture. It's best to keep the decor as minimalistic as possible, meaning that everything not essential to it has to go. Luckily, Los Angeles has a plethora of available storage space where your belongings will be safe, allowing you to transfer most of them there and keep inside the house only those that aid the sale.

Neglecting the outdoor space

The outdoor space is just as important as the indoor space. After all, it's the first impressions that tend to make or break the deal. Having that in mind, avoiding deal-killing mistakes when staging your luxury home is possible, provided you commit to working towards improving curb appeal. Have somebody tackle lawn and pool maintenance, and don't forget to spruce up the deck, patio, and backyard as well.

Fake greenery

Plants bring a dash of fresh air to any room they are in and make everything appear more ''homey''. At least, the real ones do. Fake plants, however authentic they may look, ultimately don't have the same effect. Instead of introducing artificial greenery to the area, equip the place with the greenery created by mother nature herself. Chances are, potential buyers won't notice the difference; then again, they might. Nevertheless, why risk making a mistake when you can get it right the first time?

Tip: Instead of using fake plants to ''enrich'' the space, consort to using the authentic ones.

Putting all furniture against the walls

How to make a giant room appear empty and a small one appear stuffed? By putting all the furniture against the walls! This rarely looks appealing. It's ok to have a piece or two pushed up against a wall, but it's another story to slam them all there and leave the center of the room empty. Instead, have the pieces positioned away from the walls in a way that complements the overall style and allows room for walking.

The lack of floor and table lamps

Your property is already worth a lot, but how can you make it actually look its worth? By introducing floor and table lamps to the area, which will undoubtedly add to the luxury. Furthermore, even the dullest of rooms can appear interesting at night thanks to the ambient light they emit. There are various designs out there, too, making it possible to find those that completely match the vibe and the design of the house you are selling.

Tip: Floor lamps add to the luxury of the room and help add character to even the least interesting of places.

Staging the home by yourself

Your taste may very well be impeccable, but that does not necessarily make you an expert at staging homes. It takes years of experience and countless hours of research to truly be that. That means you could be prone to making mistakes, which in turn, makes the concept of avoiding deal-killing mistakes when staging your luxury home a whole lot more complicated. To make sure your Beverly Hills residence has been staged to the latest of design trends, consult those more experienced - including your agent and professional home stagers.


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