Smart Home Features That Add Value to Your Luxury Property

Smart Home Features That Add Value to Your Luxury Property

  • Sophia Perry
  • 09/7/22

Smart Home Features That Add Value to Your Luxury Property

Smart is the new sexy, both in real estate and life generally. Being smart is an advantage in life, and having a smart home is an advantage in the real estate world. The future is now, and buyers want to keep up with it, especially those who can afford it. Nowadays, the world is spinning so fast, and we're living (figuratively) at the speed of life. So, having help from technology is something people are ready to spend more on. Also, it's nothing but fun to be able to talk to your microwave, right? To impress today's buyers and make a record sale, you must take a step further. Check out these innovative home features that add value to your luxury property.

A modern kitchen 

Every quality real estate agent will tell you to pay special attention to your kitchen. For centuries, the kitchen has been a focal point in a home. That's why it's no surprise that, if anything, your kitchen needs to keep up with trends in order to make it in the market. You can choose from a variety of smart appliances, including:

  • smart fridge
  • smart oven
  • smart dishwasher
  • other, smaller smart appliances

A modern fridge for a modern family

Have you seen that Modern Family episode when Mitch and Cam buy a smart fridge called Bridgette? It's a new level of enjoyment when you can talk and sing karaoke with your fridge while cooking your favorite pasta. It's a kind of thing that wealthy buyers crave and don't hesitate to empty their pockets for.

There are so many advantages of smart fridges. For example, a lot of them have a little window that becomes see-through after you knock on it. It seems simple enough, but it helps save a lot of energy (and money) because you will have every time in the world to decide what you want without actually opening it and wasting cooling power. 

Also, they allow you to adjust the temperature according to the stuff inside. The timers and hot and cold water tanks can also be quite helpful.

Other kitchen appliances

Besides fridges, ovens made a boom recently in a family of smart appliances. Buyers want to save time and energy. Having an opportunity to preheat your oven remotely wherever you are is kind of a definition of saving time.

Also, sustainability is quite an important issue now. So, a smart trash can that prepares trash for recycling and has a segment for organic waste is quite a desirable little thing. A lot of wealthy buyers turned to a hobby of gardening, and having organic waste for their gardens at all times can be a plus you didn't expect it to be. 

Sustainability is a necessity

Since the priority of buyers today is to save the planet and their money in the process, energy efficiency is a must. Most of the power goes to inefficient HVACs. So, it's important to update those and choose more energy-efficient ones. Besides saving energy, smart HVACs are useful for being able to "take orders" from far away. It means that a person living in a home with smart HVAC can push a button on their work, and when they come home, an already cool space will be waiting for them. According to the experts at Consumer Opinion, this is one of the features that many buyers want and are ready to offer more.

Lighting is an important thing to consider 

Since we're talking about energy and money saving, we need to mention energy-efficient and not-so-energy-efficient lighting systems. Smart lighting systems are almost always energy-efficient ones. Conventional light bulbs that take a lot of energy are a thing of the past. Now, you can choose from many smart lighting systems based on LED lighting.

If you want the whole package, you can take lights with sensors for your hallways, so you don't have to worry about stumbling in the dark. Or, you can remotely adjust the intensity and colors of lights in your room according to your mood. The thought of a romantic night with dimed, purple lights can certainly impress a buyer, and every jaw-dropping luxury home needs to have great lighting.

Smart security is one of the smart home features that add value to your luxury property

Security is one of the vital concerns for all people, but it's even more crucial within the wealthier clientele. Modern security systems have more advanced features than their simpler predecessors, mainly burglar and fire alarms. Their cameras and motion detectors are more effective, and you can operate them with the touch of a button on your smartphone. A few simple clicks are all it takes to make it your own, whether you're sitting at home or across the world. You may also upgrade your home with smart locks, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and a video doorbell. The better the home's security features, the more likely it will sell for a premium price.

Wealthy clients also rely a lot on warranty companies. So, it's a good idea to take a minute after installing a smart security system and search for a good one. In order to do that, it's best to check the rates and reviews when you lay eyes on the one you like. 

Final thoughts

When competing in an aggressive real estate market, you need to look deep into a soul of a typical buyer and figure out what urges them to spend more. Every good real estate agent will tell you that the key to success is working with what you already got and taking it to the next level. One of the good ways to take your property to the next level is by incorporating some of these smart features that add value to your luxury property. Take a bold and intelligent step in the right direction, and it will certainly pay off!


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