Get to Know Tomer Fridman of The Fridman Group

Get to Know Tomer Fridman of The Fridman Group

  • The Fridman Group
  • 03/21/22

Tomer Fridman is one of the founders of The Fridman Group, a real estate company specializing in luxury real estate. The company has active listings valued at over one billion dollars. In 2021, the company closed over $610 million. They represent real estate buyers and sellers of luxury properties and celebrity homes. Their experience makes them a valued asset when representing investors with land sales and development opportunities. They also have experience representing investors with architecturally significant properties in Los Angeles, the surrounding area, and across the globe. 

While Beverly Hills real estate is their primary focus, The Fridman Group is the perfect contact if you are considering real estate purchases across the globe, and here is why.

An influencer and international agent

Tomer Fridman’s experience with Beverly Hills real estate and global success in the industry has gained him an impeccable reputation. Wall Street Journal ranked him as one of America’s Best Real Estate Agents. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety named him one of the Showbiz Real Estate Elite and a Hollywood Power Broker to the entertainment industry. He is often quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Forbes, Angelino, and The Hollywood Reporter. He is also featured often in The Los Angeles Times “Hot Properties” column. Tomer Fridman is the only agent in the United States that is on the Board of Directors for EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India, Africa) global real estate brand. All the sales to International real estate buyers that were $20M and above were transacted through Tomer Fridman in the first quarter of 2019. He is fluent in English, Hebrew, and Romanian and has a conversational level of language in French, Spanish, and Italian.

A luxury specialist with stellar numbers

Luxury, in Tomer Fridman’s mind, is “a thing or a lifestyle that is curated. Something bespoke and not off the rack.” When it comes to curated real estate and Bel Air homes for sale, no one has a pulse on the market like Tomer Fridman. In an industry where your sales tell your story, Tomer Fridman’s sales tell a strong story indeed. His sales are over $3 billion. He is among the top 30 in the country for real estate sales in 2020. He set the record for the highest land sale in Los Angeles in the past five years. In a single year, his sales were over $500,000,000. You would be hard-pressed to find a luxury agent with more experience and higher international sales. Fridman’s numbers aren't about bragging. They are proof that he has the necessary experience to negotiate luxury transactions. They are proof that he has the necessary skills to make the privacy of his clientele a top priority. They exemplify his ability to handle a multitude of different luxury real estate transactions with ease.

How he began and what the future holds

Tomer Fridman is a native of Los Angeles and can’t imagine living anywhere else. He attended Loyola Law School, a private Catholic university in Los Angeles. While he was there, he was part of the prestigious Entertainment Law Practicum at Warner Bros. Studios. He holds a Juris Doctorate from Loyola and a B.A. with a concentration in International Relations from UCLA. Tomer Fridman’s respect for secrecy and experience working with Hollywood’s A-listers and global leaders provided him the opportunity to be the family broker for the Kardashian family. He recently sold Kloe Kardashian’s $15.5 million Calabasas home and Pamela Anderson’s Malibu beach home for $11.8 million. The real estate market in Los Angeles is strong and has more international attention than it has in decades. This could signal a change from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market for Bel Air homes for sale.

Tomer Fridman’s Beverly Hills real estate scene

Beverly Hills attracts people from all over the world with its year-round sunshine and luxurious hospitality. Even though the city is often filled with tourists, the residential communities are private. Beverly Hills real estate has the second-highest median sales price in California at $3,250,000. Malibu prices are the highest at $4,500,000, and Manhattan Beach real estate comes in third at $2,882,000. However, in October of 2021, the median listing price was $5,300,000, with an increase of 31% over the prior year. In the same time frame, the average selling price was $4,100,000. Homes are typically on the market for 80 days. While we are seeing a seller’s market nationwide, the market in Beverly Hills is fairly balanced. This means that nationally, there are not enough homes to meet current demand, but in Beverly Hills, homeowners are buying and selling at an even pace.

How The Fridman Group impacts Bel Air real estate

Bel Air is a quiet community even though it is minutes from downtown Los Angeles. Due to the number of celebrities in the area, it is a location that prides itself on its privacy and secrecy. It is currently in a buyer’s market, which means there are more homes than the current demand. In October 2021, the median listing price for Bel Air homes for sale was $5,100,000. It reflects an increase of 45% over last year. The average selling price was $3,600,000. The Bel Air market is a perfect example of why it is important to work with a local agent who specializes in luxury real estate. They have a pulse on the selling value of your property and can help you list it properly, which will gain more interest in your home.

The realtors at The Fridman Group have experience negotiating in seller’s and buyer’s markets. They are leaders in the field of luxury real estate sales and are happy to answer your questions. They know how to keep your real estate needs private while reaching your goals for investment properties and homes.


Our goal is to offer an unparalleled level of service to our highly respected clients. Whether you are looking to buy or sell your home, we guarantee that our expertise, professionalism and dedication will guide you toward meeting your unique real estate needs.

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