What Should You Keep in Mind Before Buying a Property?

What Should You Keep in Mind Before Buying a Property?

  • Kapil Sharma
  • 09/7/21

What should you keep in mind before buying a property?

Most of us have this particular objective in our checklist. Buying our own house can be nothing less than a dream. This makes it imperative for your dream house to be near perfect. What intricate details are you missing in this process? Here is the guideline for the same. This article enlists all the crucial pointers that must be kept in mind before buying a property. 

#1 Site location

The first question you shall have to ask yourself is, where is the property located? The location of the property can determine the prices and the other facets of the property. Locations determine the availability of resources, which can drive the price of the property. This is not a one-time investment. A costly neighborhood requires upkeeping.


Hence, it is advisable to be wise while picking the location of the property according to the taste and the compatibility of the owner to the locality. One should take the time to think through this purchase.

#2 The papers

There are many papers and legal documents that need to be mandatorily present for the property to be legally and ethically sold. These documents are expected to be produced if you want to further sell the property or lease it. Hence, it is crucial to ask for these documents to steer clear of any legal complications.


Though the requirements vary from one place to another, it is safe to check with the authorities or consult a lawyer. The original deed of possession is crucial for a buyer. Further certificates of completion, tax bills, and other documents are expected to be presented by the seller. It is imperative for the buyer to ask for these original documents and draw up a suitable agreement in accordance with this.

#3 Who is the seller?

Do you know the seller of the property well? It can often happen that the documents are forged and you are being duped. To prevent being involved in a chain of criminal activities, do your part. Run a thorough check on the seller. 


Do not feel bad to ask around and approach the authorities if anything suspicious crops up. The credibility of the seller and their whereabouts can be found out. This extra step of safety will keep you from running into trouble in the future.

#4 Are you sure?

Buying a property is a huge investment and requires a certain level of commitment. You must be very clear and sure in your head to take this leap of faith. There are multiple other options of renting, sharing a property. Knowing and considering them before buying a property is crucial. The budgetary commitment can override the purpose. The other options must be considered, and cost analysis must be done to ensure the right direction towards your dream, without burning a hole in your pocket. 

#5 Further financial planning

It is crucial to understand that buying the property is not the end of it. It is just the beginning of the long list of expenditures. The property has to be developed and completed. The house has to be made safe for staying and comfortable for staying. There needs to be sustainable lighting and appropriate colour schemes. 


One must be monetarily and mentally prepared for the toll this can bring to the owner. The furniture and security systems are huge investments and should not be compromised. This generosity is equally reflected in the decor and in getting the aesthetic right. One can consider professional help to sort and arrange a better future for themselves. Financial planners can help in this process and simplify and reduce the costs. 

#6 Taxes

It is very easy to overlook this proponent of a property. Once a property is bought, the owner is entitled to rightfully pay taxes to the government. Much like the legislations of various states, the taxes are determined by the authority of the government. It is essential to consider the taxes in the budget. The evasion of taxes is criminal in nature. 


Hence, it is advised to be informed about the taxes involved and the various taxes that are needed to be paid. Additionally, one might consider looking into the larger picture and understanding the laws and legislations in place. Failing to comply with certain legislation can result in hefty fines. 

#7 Insurance 

The insurance of the property is the second dimension to this. Insurances are like cushions that absorb the financial shocks faced by the owners due to misfortunate circumstances. If you step into the market, you’ll get a number of home insurance quotes from multiple sources; just pick the one that fits your unique needs. Most of them are of separate nature and cover a certain aspect of the property or a particular term. Hence, it is advisable to thoroughly understand the needs of your property.  Insuring it for every need is crucial and cannot be skipped. Hence, it is better to make an informed decision than face the consequences of uninformed choices later. Certain states require certain insurances to be in place for the completion of registration. 

#8 Selling the property

This last header might seem off-putting. However, it is only rational to consider the selling price and the vantage of this stance while buying this. The up-gradation of the property has to be kept in tune with the local prices. Due to the upgraded property and high-end furnishing, the price of the property has spiked, and it is not affordable for prospective buyers anymore. This might prove to be a grave problem. One should consider the psychology of the seller. You should evaluate the price realistically and seek the price structure in the locality.


Property hunting is a difficult task altogether. Additionally, these points are crucial to be considered. However, these might not be easy, especially considering the volatility of the market. However, these pointers will secure your future and reduce your hassles in the future. Buying a property can have many hurdles, but this comprehensive list helps to make it easier. Hence, take the leap of faith with this particular list and buy the property of your dreams.


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