How Location Affects the Value of Your Luxury Home

How Location Affects the Value of Your Luxury Home

  • Sophia Perry
  • 07/13/22

How Location Affects the Value of Your Luxury Home


If you have ever talked to real estate agents before, you have probably heard them saying 'location, location, location' one too many times, right? However, they are not saying that because that is their catchphrase. They are saying it because location is the number one factor you should consider when buying a luxury home. Learn how location affects the value of your luxury home and see how it determines how fast you will sell it and to whom you will sell it later on!


It just goes without saying - you can buy the most luxurious property in the world, but if that property is located somewhere close to the railway, somewhere where crime rates are high, or even somewhere where it takes you hours to go to work or to drive your kids to school, etc., that property will not stay luxurious for long. Thus, when buying a home, you have to take everything into consideration, and you have to pay special attention to the location.

The City

If you want to see how location affects the value of your luxury home or of any luxury home out there, the first thing you should look at is the city. For instance, if the location of your luxury property is in some metropolitan city such as Los Angeles or New York, the entire property's value will be significantly higher.


This happens because of two reasons. First, Los Angeles is currently one of the most famous cities in the world. And second, Los Angeles is highly developed and has no more room to grow. The same applies to all major cities such as San Francisco and New York and all capitals such as London, Paris, Rome, etc.


Moreover, the price of a specific luxury home will also depend on the economy of a certain city. A place where you can find many luxurious properties and homes is a place with a thriving economy, high-paying jobs, and all the amenities a person with a high income may need. So, if you want to buy a luxury home, do a home search. Research some of the most developed cities around you (or worldwide).

The Neighborhood

Your property's neighborhood is just as important as the city. Just think about it - if you were to buy a luxury home in Los Angles, would you buy it in Paradise Cove Bluffs or in West Adams? The former is a popular neighborhood in Malibu known for prestige and luxury, and the latter is an unsafe district due to drug trafficking and violence. Well, it is a given - you would go for the former one.


Of course, luxury properties are not located only in the most luxurious neighborhoods. They can be scattered around the city. And, since it is sometimes hard to find that perfect neighborhood and luxury property, consider hiring a real estate agent to help you out.


But be sure to find the most reliable and professional real estate agent as he is the only one who can help you find your dream luxury home. The same applies to hiring other experts too. For instance, experts from Best Long Distance Movers suggest hiring a professional moving company. Do the same with contractors, designers, and all other people you need to start your new life in your new luxury home.

Future Development of the Area 

How location affects the value of your luxury home can be best seen in the area's development. For instance, you may have a luxury property located in some empty neighborhood - a neighborhood with no schools, no developed roads, no nearby banks, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. In this kind of neighborhood, the price of your property will only decrease over time.


However, if you discover that a particular area is supposed to be developed soon, everything will be different. Namely, areas with planned commercial development (new roads, schools, hospitals, office buildings, etc.) will become more expensive soon. Luxury homes there will become more desirable just because of that development.


So, just like mentioned before, if you need help deciding which area will be perfect for your luxury property, hire a professional real estate team. Real estate agents understand the market and know all its secrets. Seek their advice, and be sure you will buy a luxurious property in an elegant location. 


Just as there are qualities you should look for when hiring professional movers, there are qualities you should be looking for when hiring your real estate team. And the same traits of reliable distance movers in CA should also work here. You want somebody trustworthy, professional, and experienced!


Always think about the future development of a certain neighborhood before you buy a home there.


Surrounding Properties

One of the last but certainly not the least factors that show how location affects the value of your home are all the surrounding properties. Yes, we are talking about your neighbors. It is simple - if your property is located next to noisy, messy neighbors, etc., that will, believe it or not, decrease the value of your luxury property. 


And it also goes vice versa - if your home is located somewhere where the neighbors are friendly, wealthy, accomplished, and maybe even famous, the price of your property will increase. This is because good neighbors mean a good (safe, prosperous, famous, etc.) neighborhood. Those features will always make a luxury property stand out, so always look for them


Final Thoughts 

As you have seen, many ways show how location affects the value of your luxury home. We mentioned just a few of them, but be sure to do your research. Or, even better - leave it to professionals. They can help you out with both location and property searches. And, they can help you right where you live or somewhere across the ocean. So, give them a call. 



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